Monday, January 17, 2005

Enter the Rainbow

I'm calling this blog "Enter the Rainbow." I owe the idea to a friend of mine who told me this story.

In a time of her life when she was experiencing a lot of anxiety, issues around her job, her family, her personal relationship with God, she drove into a rainbow, and everything changed. That is not a misprint - she drove into a rainbow. Most of the time when you see a rainbow in the distance, it stays in the distance. A physicist could probably explain that for us. However, this time as she drove, the rainbow in the distance did not recede; it stayed right where it was.

She drove closer and closer to the point at which the rainbow intersected the earth, and thoughts of leprechauns and pots of gold teased her mind. But as she got even closer, she saw that a drive right through the end of the rainbow was inevitable, and she began to feel uncertain. This had to be some kind of trick, right? This kind of thing just didn't happen to her. It sounded like some unbelievable, touchy-feely, Chicken Soup kind of a story. But it was most definitely real. It was happening. She drove into the rainbow.

There was light and there was warmth. A shimmering cascade seemed to surround her, penetrate her soul. Silent music drown out all other noise. There was, for a timeless instant, peace. She felt an embrace gently lift her up to where she could float, suspended in light and music. Then her car continued on doing what cars are built to do and carried her back into the world.

It was not so much a jolt back into reality as it was a sudden revving up. Sensation, noise, dull grey color seemed to rush back into her perception like a wave onto a beach. And she drove home. And you know what? She still had anxiety about her job, her family, and her personal relationship with God. None of that went away. But she had had that one moment in the rainbow, and somehow she would find a way to muddle through her life.

That's all any of us can really ever hope for, isn't it?

Grace and Peace,
Andy B.


iamnettie said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good story. I look for a little piece of rainbow every day.
I like the blog idea. I have read about them lately and I find it interesting the power they have.
Dave Wood