Friday, February 25, 2005

Hello, Morning!

Today is bright and sunny in Kansas City. The sky is blue and the breeze is a gentle whisper. It is my job to get our kids assembled each morning and loaded into the car to be deposited at their schools. This morning, our four-year-old Wesley was standing in the garage with his coat and his Spiderman backpack on, ready to get in the car. I opened the garage door. As it slowly rolled up its tracks, Wes looked out, saw the sunshine and the blue sky and felt the breeze.

"Hellooooo, morning!" he said with a smile.


Grace and Peace,
Andy B.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't all mornings be approached as the gift that each of them are? I love you, Wesley Bryan!

Shelly :)!

iamnettie said...

Out of the mouth of a child.....we should all approach each day with this attitude of "HELLO MORNING!"