Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Creating a Sweet Rainbow

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The daycare kids from the First Beginnings ministry of my remarkable congregation recently cooperated to create a Rainbow Cake. (With the help of special guest teachers Alberta Campbell and Erin Bryan, of course.) Here's how it worked: Each kid mixed a bit of batter into a color of their own choosing. Then each bit of batter was swirled together to make one cake. After baking, the cake was frosted and rainbow colored sprinkles were liberally distributed over the top.

I fully intended to take a picture of the finished product for display, but unfortunately the cake proved too wonderfully delicious, and it was completely consumed by the First Beginnings kids before I could get a picture. But the piece that I saw and subsequently devoured was lovely, indeed. It had bright colors swirled together in the cake and sweet, crunchy bits of rainbow scattered within the icing.

Do I even need to mention how much like the church this is? Each of us bringing our own color to the batter, swirling together to make one cake, covered by the icing of God's grace, and, yes indeed, how sweet is that beautiful rainbow cake!

Living in the rainbow,
Andy B.

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dabeckztr said...

awesome, awesome, awesome! what a FAB illustration and what a FAB idea, i might steal it, is that a'ight?

Things continue to go great here, only 8 days with the children left, and 4 weeks of the internship left... i'm saddended that it is coming to and end, but joyus that i'll be returning soon to finish my last semester at CMSU!

anywho, take care dude! catch ya later!