Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bash These Banners

After reading the comments on the last post and getting a few emails from curious friends, I have succombed to the pressure and posted a picture of my banner creations. So now, with drumroll, here is a picture of the garage sale curtains that currently hang in the front of our sanctuary.

They are non-traditional. They are abstract. And they have generated quite a fuss. But I hope you don't misunderstand me. I did not put these up to intentionally be ugly. I actually like them! Can you see the golden yarn draped over them, symbolizing the cords of Christ's love which "bind us together" in love? (Click on the picture for a larger view). There are six such strands on each banner, for a total of twelve - the twelve apostles centered on Christ in their midst, perhaps? I mean, these things are deep, man. DEEP!

Anyway, here they are, in all their glory. I hope they don't make you mad. But if they do, cope. Who knows, "garage sale curtain" may be the next big thing in liturgical paraments. We are cutting edge here, dude!

Grace and Peace,
Andy the Banner Man


David said...

Funny, those look an awful lot like the banners my last UM church spent hundreds of dollars purchasing (in a set of liturgical green-blue-white-purple-red, of course) for their sanctuary.

This is, of course, the same congregation that changed the cloths from purple to blue on the day that Penn State had its convocation. During Lent. Because, after all, Penn State is more important than the Passion of Christ.

But no, I don't think church window dressings are worth making a fuss over..... ; :

RevJenner said...


Those banners look a hundred times better than the ones in my UMC right now.

Jennifer Verzella

Laura Guy said...

Hey Andy!

Don't quit your day job.

Actually, I like them. But I am a huge fan of the temporary when it comes to liturgical dressing. We have been worshipping for a year and a half, and our communion table has never looked the same two weeks in a row. We always have fresh flowers or a live plant, and we have a big supply of fabric, candles, communion ware and crosses to mix and match from, depending on where we're going with the service (for Worldwide Communion Sunday, I'm going to use a plate and cup I purchased in Korea for our communion ware.)

So, by all means, be creative! Next week put different colored yarn on the banners or drape scarves or ivy over them. Each worship experience is creative and unique, a new opportunity to connect with Mystery, so shouldn't our sanctuaries reflect that?

(You'll noticed I completely avoided the point of your blog because I'm still in the I-don't-want-to-make-people-mad phase.)

dabeckztr said...

Creative, Beautiful, and HOLY! and one question... Does it REALLY matter, come on people, praise the Lord that you have a place to worship, and praise the Lord that you have a problem as miniscule as banners!!! well heck, might as well just praise the lord for the goodness of it right?! :)

DogBlogger said...

Love 'em, Andy! I don't know who's getting their panties in a wad at your church (that's what I call it at my church), but rest assured that their panty problems are not your fault.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! So they are a little different, you got someone to notice.
Your in pretty awsome company. John the Baptist wore a different robe and did things a little differently and he sure had a lot of follewers. Jesus said things and did things that weren't popular at the time and he made a larger impact than another person.
Just maybe a little controversy is just what is needed. Christians need to get excited and do something!

Stan Beatty said...

Oh, yes these banners cause us once again to address preference or purpose issues.I prefer traditional worship, I prefer emerging worship, I prefer contemporay worship, I prefer Penn State blue banners( I grew up twenty five miles from Happy Valley), I prefer no banners. It is what is the purpose of worship? What is the purpose of the church? Sadly, so much of our church culture has to do with preference.

Stan Beatty

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing!!!

Chris said...

I like the banners (especially the view from a distance). Now the small, three-bladed white fan is another matter. Did it come from a garage sale?