Monday, January 29, 2007

Cursillo Weekend - Prayer-O-Rama

This past weekend at the Cursillo my wife and I helped with, I prayed more often and longer than I have in my life. That was kind of the point of what I was responsible for, to pray for people. But I have never prayed with such intentionality and specificity for such an extended period of time.

And kneeling, no less! I tried a variety of postures: I knelt with my back straight and my hands held out, I knelt down low and almost "hunkered over," I knelt on one knee, I leaned on the altar with my elbows - any posture you can kneel in, I tried! Different postures leant themselves to different prayers, I found. Depending on where I was spiritually, I think different postures just somehow "worked" better.

It was an amazing weekend, again. Four people from our church attended, and four were there to work. Everyone had a powerful experience in the presence of a community of grace and love and unconditional care and compassion. My wife and I were each moved, renewed, and exhausted! We return to the world with the assurance that God is good and the undeserved grace of Christ is sufficient and the Holy Spirit is alive and calls us all to serve one another with love and joy.


Clayton said...

De Colores! I made my first Cursillo in September 2002. I made my first Walk to Emmaus in August 2005. Rebecca and I were assistant spritual directors for a Walk to Emmaus in September 2006.

Anonymous said...

Coming into the weekend, I was so excited about getting to share it with you and Erin. You are both such amazing people. I was quite touched by getting to be a part of the "heart" with you both. Blessings, my friend.

Anonymous said...

On a little different subject, are you going to post your thoughts on the called special session of conference

Anonymous said...

De Calores. Why did I find this now on the 6th. of October 2009? I have just completed my week-end here in Cork City Ireland. i have joined the great Family of Cursillios. The power of prayer we all are aware of. For me it is a pressure point each day to motivate me to spend time with God. I'm Lazy please pray for me that I deepen my sense of prayer in my life. Pater Noster to you all