Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Another Morning at Home

This morning, Wes says to me, "Dad, why isn't ten pronounced like 'onety'?"

This is a typical question from Wes.

In response, Cori said, "Because then twenty would be pronounced like 'twoty'?" (Say it out loud for full effect.)

This is a typical answer from Cori.

Then they both burst out laughing, and periodically repeated the word "twoty" throughout the morning, which of course sent them into another round of near hysterical laughter.

This is a typical conversation around our house.


Larry Epke said...

But no one has yet answered the question!

And I don't know the answer either.

Papa Larry

Anonymous said...

Priceless!!! My wife and I keep a log of these sort of episodes for each of our little ones. I "borrowed" the idea from a roommate of mine in medical school; whose mom gave him a journal of his famous quotes and activities as a child. I thought that it was the neatest gift a parent could bestow to a maturing/adult child.



Anonymous said...

Those are the greatest conversations you will ever hear. Nanny