Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not Much Zeal?

Okay, yesterday's topic of zeal didn't generate very much ... well ... zeal.

So let's go this direction with the follow up - how many things have you read in your life that contain within references to C.S. Lewis AND Family Guy? I mean, come on - I had Screwtape and Peter Griffin references in the same post! It just doesn't hardly get any better than that.

In the meanwhile, I'd still enjoy reading your responses to the "what are you zealous for" question if you would care to comment.

And if you have a chance, go read this post called "Why do I stay?" by Andy Bartel. Good stuff.

Updated - Here's some zeal, Lama style.


Maidenfine said...

I know I'm late, since I don't have internet access every day, but I really wanted to answer this question.

Something that I'm zealous about is education. I think that every Christian should educate themselves as much as they can. Not just in what the bible says, but in what other religious writings say. How can I refute what another religion believes, if I don't know what that is? One of my favorite books in The Case for Christ and I think all Christians should read it. It doesn't always have to be "because the bible says so." It can be "because the archaeological record matches what the bible says."

And maybe that's why we aren't more zealous. So many people only know what their paster/preacher/whatever your denomination calls it says. Many don't actually read the bible itself unless it's read aloud in the sermon. When someone else confronts them about their faith, all they can say is "because I believe it." What kind of answer is that?

There is a point where you have to make a leap of faith. But that leap is sooo much smaller if people just educate themselves so that they can KNOW.

Andy B. said...

Maidenfine - that is a really good point. Zeal without knowledge is pretty empty.

Anonymous said...


Howdy! I enjoyed your Monday post and follow up on Tuesday. I was attempting to go through your archives to cite a comment or two I had written in the past that said to the effect that with some matters, a middle ground is not always possible.
In fact (if I can speak for you) I may have gotten off on the wrong foot with you for being direct, sharp, and matter of fact in my disagreements with you on a wide variety of subjects; so much so as to perhaps offend you, though that was not my intention. As I maintained then, one can disagree without being disagreeable.

Back to the question, "what are you zealous for"?

God, family, and Husker football! Really, no kidding.