Monday, June 15, 2009

An Economic Quiz:

Hi kids! The number of the day is:


Here's a quick quiz. What is the signficance of this number?

Is it a stimulus related figure perhaps? Maybe the gross domestic product of a country? Could it be the budget of a major charity, putting all those dollars to work to help people in need?

That's three BILLION, thirty-six MILLION, two hundred fifty eight THOUSAND, eight hundred ninety nine dollars.

I can't wait to read your guesses ...

... the answer will be revealed forthwith.


John Schmalzbauer said...

Drat! I Googled it and all that came up was your blog. I give up (:

Adam said...

is it the combined land value of churches in the united states?

Andy said...

The combined annual salary and health benefits of United Methodist ordained clergy in the United States (please, dear God, let me be wrong...)

Jim said...

The amount of money GIVEN to United Methodist churches in a year.

I am scared if Andy is right.

Anonymous said...

It is the sum of:

I am also sure it signifies something else as well!


Martin said...

Is it the amount spent on trying to get "young" people into church?

(Just couldn't resist..) :)

Kory Wilcox said...

The combined gross profit of the entire Star Trek and Star Wars franchises combined, PLUS the 3 Ninjas franchise, PLUS the Benji franchise. It's gotta be close.

Kyleinkc said...

The amount Cher made on all of her farewell tours?

Dru said...

Is it the amount of money the government spends each day?

Anonymous said...

I like quizzes