Sunday, November 08, 2009

Foster Dad's Autumn

He has only had four autumns in his life, and I do not know anything about the first three.

What I know is that this autumn…

He learned about how fun it is jumping in a big pile of leaves.
He learned about grabbing up a big handful of them and tossing them up into the air.
He learned about burying your big brother in leaves and waiting for him to jump out.
He learned about picking up a bunch and rubbing them in your big sister’s hair.
He learned about the rustling sound they make when you run through them.

This was his fourth autumn, and I do not know what will happen for his fifth…
…or his sixth.
…or any of the rest.

All I know is that this autumn, we played in the leaves.

And that will have to be enough.


gavin richardson said...

my early years of life our home was a foster home. as i have looked back over those times, i can only hope that we provided some semblance of family for the kids that stayed with us.

Kansas Bob said...

Heartwarming Andy. Thank you for sharing and encouraging the life of one so young.

Susan said...

A beautiful memory, Andy. And no matter what his future holds, he will always remember somewhere in his heart that the smells and sounds of autumn stand for love and laughter. You have given him that.