Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Wall

Little Jack couldn’t see over the wall.
So he asked for a box that would help him be tall.
And Mom did oblige; she was glad to provide.
And Little Jack’s smile was a couple feet wide.

Now Littler Jill, she wished to see, too,
But for Littler Jill, one box wouldn’t do.
So Mom gave her two, so that Jilly could see,
Right next to Jack, who said jealously,

“Well that isn’t fair! How come she’s got two?
I’ve only got one! Oh Mom, how could you!”
But Mom only smiled, “Now Jack, you’ll recall
That your box is to help you see over the wall.”

And just at that moment, Littlest Mary
Arrived on the scene. And now Jill grew wary
For in order for her to see over the wall
Mary needed THREE boxes! Yes, she was that small.

And Jill looked at Mary and said, “Well I’ll be!
I’ve only got two, but that twerp has got three!”
“Oh Jill,” said her Mom, “Just please let it go.
You can see from the top of your boxes, you know.”

But Littler Jill and her brother Small Jack
Would not stop complaining regarding their lack.
They grumbled and blathered, and made such a bawl
They completely forgot to look over the wall.

And Mother reflected, while the two children fussed,
And pondered the difference ‘tween “equal” and “just.”

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