Monday, April 14, 2014

Resurrection 2014

Resurrection means that life is stronger than death. Always and everywhere, no matter what, life wins. Every time.

And right about now, the world needs to know that as much as … maybe more than … ever. Life is an irresistible force, and consistently crushes all that counters it.

It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Death is real. We see it every day. Death is a constant companion in our world, and sometimes it feels like death is so strong. So, so strong.

A dear loved one is with us one moment and simply gone the next. A friend lingers for months, battered by illness, merely existing as death ever so slowly steals them away. A hateful man brings his gun into a peaceful place and kills people at random, because his twisted mind somehow justifies this horrific violence.

A man is betrayed, arrested, and executed, for no better reason than he is a threat to the power of the status quo.

Death is strong. Indeed.

Life is stronger.

If it looks like death is winning, that’s because we are unable to see far enough. A flower does not blossom unless a seed dies. Resurrection elevates our vision so that we can see life - full, vibrant, loud, emerging, erupting, rudely shoving death out of the way.

Resurrection means that life is stronger than death. Every. Single. Time. And I believe that is something that the world needs to know.

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