Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Post Two ... #UMCGC 2016

I am really tired.

But it was good. A lot of really, really good stuff. And then a lot of really kind of befuddling stuff that didn't really do anything but generated a lot of energy.

I will never forget the worship experience today - a truly global celebration. It felt like Pentecost! A mix of video and live voices in many languages, merging into all of us saying "Alleluia!" together. The service was a true blend of styles; many times "blended" services end up feeling like two styles mashed awkwardly together. This wasn't. It was amazing.

And then ... there was an exhausting conversation about how we would conduct ourselves. Today's rules debate reinforced to me just how grateful I am that in Missouri we don't do that. We don't have these lengthy, Robert's Rules, motion to amend the amendment kind of discussions at our Annual Conference sessions. We actually trust each other! Imagine that. We like each other, we trust that the committees and other leaders are doing their jobs, and we stay focused on mission and ministry.

I wonder if that kind of thing could happen here? Could we actually focus on mission and ministry at the United Methodist General Conference? I hope so, but I'm going to bed now so the spiritual revival will have to wait until morning.

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