Monday, December 12, 2016

Advent - Week Three

It is closer, and yet still so far away.
Christmas Day sits on horizon’s hill
like a sunrise disguise, not quite yet shining
into the valley, but you can see that it will.

And still, Zechariah sings about light
dawning upon the darkest corners of life,
chasing shadows of death, guiding our way
into the day, into the goodness, into the birth
of Jesus.

It is closer (but still far away), and prophets promise
Eyes opened, ears unplugged, voices lifted,
Impossible things possible, even probable,
Light increasing and definitely unstoppable
now as the darkness retreats in its unilluminated shame.

Yes, the light is coming. Yes, look and see.
The light reflected, unexpected
In our words and deeds, in you and me.
Yes, the sun is rising, the Light of all lights
Banishes darkness forever, good news of the greatest
There is a song in the air, and that song is called joy.

We wait for you, long-expected Jesus. We prepare for your arrival with familiar sights and smells and flavors and sounds. Familiar ... and yet new every year. There is a song in the air, both familiar and new, a song that is and was and ever shall be, Amen.

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