Thursday, March 31, 2005


Happy Easter! Since we started the season of Easter last Sunday, signs of new life are everywhere. Grass is greening, birds are singing, warm breezes blowing. Good stuff! Important stuff!

Spring makes you think about priorities - what is important to you, here and now. How much time outside in the midst of God's wonderful creation did you spend today? Can you see sunlight from where you are sitting right now? Can you feel any fresh air? Can you see your bird feeder? (You do have a bird feeder, right?) Cori has a notebook in our kitchen, right next to the window from whence we look to see our bird feeder. In her book, we keep track of all the different kinds of birds that partake of the seed we are offering. We do this because it is important for us. It is our priority.

The United Methodist Church has some priorities, too. The General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) has a brochure that lists the top Legislative Priorities for 2005. In it, we find:
- End the War in Iraq
- Fight the Global AIDS Pandemic
- Preserve Social Security
- Oppose Internet Gambling
- Address the Global Climate Crisis
- Protect Social Safety Net
- Support Just Immigration Reform
These seven justice issues are on the front burner for our denomination. We will address them because they are important for us. They are our priorities.
I notice some of our perceived "hot button" issues are not there:
- "Protect the Institution of Marriage" is not there.
- "Spread Democracy in the World" is not there.
- "Ensure the Right to Life" is not there.
I notice what is important for the church, and I choose to focus my energy in those places. I am not saying these other things are not important at all, just not as important to the denomination as some other issues currently at hand. Each Christian makes her or his choices, and some even hold big expensive rallies in order to promote their priorities.
You make your choice, too. You might not agree with what the GBCS lists as top priorities for this year, and that is fine. But find something! Decide what your priority is, and pursue it with every ounce of your passion. Do it becaue it is important for you.
Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to take a walk in the park. Because it is important.
God is good - all the time!
Andy B.

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