Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Religious Tolerance Web Site

Please check out this website. Click on the title of this blog entry to go to it. This is great stuff. Go and read. Spend some time clicking around the various topics. Everything I have found there is honest, balanced, and insightful. Many sides of a variety of diverse issues are explored. It is a hopeful and helpful site where you could spend fifteen minutes or a couple of hours, depending on how much time you have.

The home page of this site says, "Religious tolerance means to extend religious freedom to people of all religions, even though you disagree with their beliefs and/or practices." This is a website for people who want to know God's creation as the wonderfully diverse place that it is, and to explore some of that diversity. It is not militant, but it has a clearly defined agenda (just like everyone, of course. Why has "agenda" become a dirty word?). The agenda of this website is tolerance. (Why has "tolerance" become a dirty word, too?)

I hope you have a chance to peruse it.
Grace and peace,
Andy B.

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Seamhead said...

Amen Andy. I have about decided the term 'liberal elitism' is code for 'those who are tolerant.' Some people sure hate those liberal elites.