Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Missouri State Budget - Pending Disaster!


In Missouri, the poor may not be able to get health care, but at least we will have cool sports stadiums!

According to figures in the Kansas City Star, TWELVE MILLION dollars from the state of Missouri is going to upgrade professional sports facilities in our state.
And in the meantime, NINETY THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED FOUR people will lose their health insurance thanks to cuts in the state budget.

Now I’m not so na├»ve as to claim that that $12,000,000 would be sufficient to cover the health insurance cost of those 90,604 people. But Governor Matt Blunt has some ‘splaining to do, Lucy. He told us he had to make some hard decisions about the budget, and decided to reduce social programs for the poor in order to move closer to fiscal responsibility. I was not okay with that, nor were some other folks, but it happened, and here we are.

Now, however, if Missouri gives $12,000,000 to upgrade the state’s sporting facilities, the question our resident compassionate conservative has to answer is, “Where did you get that money, Matt?” I thought we were cutting our budget because we were broke! The way I see it, two things are possible:

1) Missouri is not as broke as Matt Blunt told us. If that is the case, he lied.

2) Missouri would rather upgrade sporting facilities than care for people in need. If that is the case, the values upon which our state government operates are seriously skewed.

My state representative, Trent Skaggs, believes that the budget is a moral document that should reflect the values of the people of the state. He is very concerned with the path the current administration and legislature are taking. What does your state rep think? More important, does your state rep know what you think? Call them! Email them! Let them know! 90,604 people will thank you for it.

To take no action is, in fact, to act.

Grace and Peace,
Andy B.


Anonymous said...

3) Missouri state government believes, rightly or wrongly, that creation of a stadium will increase jobs, draw a flow of income, and allow more people in the area to afford health insurance and other goods.

I'm a little closer to your position, but this one does exist.


Seamhead said...

Matt Blunt also promised that he wouldn't fiddle with the Medicaid eligibility rules. Didn't take him long to blow that promise to smithereens.

Dave Wood said...

Let me help you out here. Straight from the Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary...
definition of a "politician"...
b : a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons.
Why are we so suprised when politicians act like politicians?