Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Third Party Dream

Here's something I hope, but will never ever happen. I hope those 14 Senators who were level headed enough to compromise on the filibuster thing get together and form their own new political party. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?

A third party comprised of people who value discernment, dialogue, and compromise would really help pry loose the bipartisan ideological fists from the throats of the American people. There are more than two points of view in our country, there should be more than two political parties. Let's embrace the diversity rather than deny it, I say!

Level headed John Danforth could be the party chair. Their animal symbol could be a prairie dog, since they are good at living in community. Party headquarters would be right here in Kansas City, since it is close to the middle of the country. The party color would naturally be purple, the blending of red and blue.

For the record, the 14 core members of the new party would be former Republicans John Warner (VA), John McCain (AZ), Olympia Snow (ME), Mike DeWine (OH), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), and Lincoln Chafee (RI). The former Democrats in the new party will be Joseph Lieberman (CT), Ben Nelson (NE), Mark Pryor (AR), Robert Byrd (WV), Mary Landrieu (LA), Ken Salazar (CO), and Daniel Inouye (HI). These are the 14 who decided to work things out like reasonable people instead of bashing each other over the head until someone submits - that's a fantastic story for the birth of a political party!

Now we just need a name ... could be the "Centrist Party." Or how about the "Compromise Party." Or something funky or trendy like "The Purple Haze Party" or "[adult swim]" or something. Maybe we could name it after some combination of the leaders' names - the "Liebercain Party" or maybe the "Chafazar Party." Hmm. Well, we don't need to come up with a name right away; we've got time.

We've got all the time in the world, since it will NEVER HAPPEN.

Hey, a blogger dedicated to diversity can dare to dream a little bit, can't he? But you gotta admit, it would be a real kick in the pants!


David said...

Dream on, Andy. Dream on. If enough of us visualize it, it may happen.... right?


* sigh *

John said...

The problem with a centrist party is that centrists favor the status quo. That doesn't make for a compelling party platform.