Monday, June 20, 2005

I Love V.B.S.!

Can I just say that, if I could make a career out of teaching children at Vacation Bible School, I would do it! Is anyone hiring for that position? I am having a fabulous time at our community's VBS this year.

We have an ecumenical, inter-generational VBS week, with things to do from preschool on up! I know at least two of our participants are octagenarians. We start out with dinner at 5:30 and classes for everyone starting at 6:30, then we get together for a closing session at 8:00. Little kids are running around, teenagers are sitting and eating with grown-ups, adults are laughing with the children - it is wonderful! It is a glimpse of the heavenly banquet, every night this week.

We are using the newest curriculum by Group. It is a pretty average curriculum, and it has some really weak points that have neede jazzing up. It is pretty heavy on the gender-specific language with regard to God, and has a few other theological issues, too. But the point of VBS is NOT the curriculum. The wonderful thing about events like VBS is not the content at all. I certainly don't remember a thing I ever learned as a kid in VBS, and I am pretty sure you don't either. The wonderful thing about VBS is the intentionality of it.

All of us, preschoolers, elementary kids, youth, adults young and old - we are all there together at the church building because God is amazing! Because God has called us to be there! Because we want to gather together and celebrate the goodness of the Lord! Because we are choosing to be formed in faith by the presence of the living Christ in our midst! Amen and Amen!

So if you know of anyone who is hiring a full-time VBS Bible teacher, give me a call. I'd love to apply for the job!

Flying High,
Andy B.

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Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm is wonderful and quite contagious. Although I wish you well, I (selfishly) hope you aren't offered a full time position as VBS leader. We want to keep you as our full time pastor!!!