Friday, March 31, 2006

Story Time, Everyone!

There is power in personal story. I have linked to three, and invite you to read them at your leasure.

Click here to read a story about a death in the family. (Hat tip.)

Click here to read a story about the experience of being gay in our country.

Click here to read a story about a soldier returning to Iraq after being discharged. (Hat tip.)

Enjoy your reading!


M Lewis said...

Isn't is horrible that the psychiatrist would violate his patient's integrity like that? The prospective Soldier wasn't there so that the doc could write about about him in the Washington Post.

While the doc clearly doesn't understand much about military service members and his anti-military political bias is evident, it's his condescension toward his client that is most troubling.

Proud to serve God and country.

Seamhead said...

Anti-Military Bias? That's not evident. I don't think I would want a guy in my unit who had already crumpled under the pressure of being in the military. The doc has to make the right call, or it could cost some unsuspecting soldier his life.

And what you call condescension seems like empathy to me.