Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rambling Thoughts: Service

(The following is a post written by Bishop Monk Bryan, my grandfather, whose "rambling thoughts" about God, church, and life in general are a periodic feature of Enter the Rainbow, depending on how freely he will offer them!)

I have just learned a bit about those strange people called "Methodists".

Through the United Methodist Committee on Relief, they have sent :
$ 8,000,000.00 to help after the earthquake in Pakistan.
$40,000,000.00 to help after the tsunami in Indonesia.
$80,000,000.00 to help after Katrina.

And, they have sent over 1,000 work teams and over 100,000 people to work and help if relief, recovery, and rebuilding along the Gulf coast after Katrina. To snatch a figure out of the air, if these people worked 40 hours, that would total four million hours. That is an investment of each person's life.

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Stephen said...

And as a pastor on the gulf, we thank everyone for their support in this long process of rebuilding.