Saturday, June 16, 2007

Succession - 8 Generations from Asbury

Dig this:

I was ordained by Robert Schnase,
who was ordained by Ernest T. Dixon, Jr.,
who was ordained by Robert N. Brooks,
who was ordained by Edwin H. Hughes,
who was ordained by Cyrus D. Foss,
who was ordained by Edmund S. Janes,
who was ordained by William M'Kendree,
who was ordained by Francis Asbury.

Francis Asbury was ordained by Thomas Coke,
who was ordained by none other than John Wesley.


Anonymous said...

...but since Wesley had no authority to ordain........

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Happy Father's Day!


gavin richardson said...

not quite 6 degrees of separation, but pretty impressive nonetheless

Adam Caldwell said...

I was ordained by Jesus.

Clayton said...

Doesn't Kevin Bacon fit in there somewhere? ;-)

Ivan Walters said...

Wait a minute, who said Wesly didn't have authority to ordain?
see here

and here

My own believe is that all Methodist elders and deacons are all equal in the apostolic succession. In Methodist tradition, the office of Bishop is only an administrative one. I.E. the theological pronouncements of a Bishop are no more worthy of belief than Andy's. The test is do either conform to scripture.