Monday, May 05, 2008

Catching Up

It has been a while since I posted - I know that. Here are some catching up tidbits:

- I pledge to mention Rev. Jeremiah Wright only once on Enter the Rainbow, and now that's done.

- The United Methodist General Conference is over, and somehow the sun still rose this morning.

- Tony Jones: "...emergent Christians do not have membership or doctrine to hold them together. The glue is relationship. That makes it difficult to put one's finger on just what emergent is; to the quesiton 'What do you all hold in common?' the answer is most likely 'We're friends.'"

- For a little while there, I forgot that I'm only pastor of one congregation, and tried to serve two at the same time. Tricky! Thank God I'm done with that phase of life. North Kansas City and Campbell UMCs are both wonderful congregations with wonderful leadership. I am the pastor at NKC through June 22; I am the pastor at CUMC as of Jun 29. Part of being pastor here is trying to help the new pastor learn as much as she can about this congregation in the meantime; a gift which is being given my by the pastors at CUMC, too. It's all about smooth transitions.

- We had our former foster kids over yesterday afternoon to play. Erin said that she realized at the park that there were five kids all calling her "Mommy" at the same time! It was so cool!

- I love Spring.

- I was a Spiritual Director at a Cursillo weekend last weekend. It was a means of grace - again! It is amazing to witness those weekends as they unfold. At about 10:00 Saturday morning, there is a kind of holy griminess that, even having showered, makes you feel a little bit scuzzy and tired. But knowing that you are grimy together with a bunch of other grimy Christians is somehow a more powerful expression of the unity of the Holy Spirit than just about anything else.

- Finally, my most recent favorite joke: A guy walks into a bookstore. "Can I have a book by Shakespeare?"
"Sure," said the clerk. "Which one?"
"Um ... William."


Anonymous said...

De Colores! Remember it's called "Sprang-field." -M

Anonymous said...

And so you know what Erin said when I asked her how she was with your upcoming move? She said her main regret was that you would not be in such close contact with Hannah and Joshua. She is a wonderful woman! cb

Martin said...

Hmmm.. now where did I put those shoes...

Your message this week about doing everything as Christ would have us do it really resonated with me.

As far as shoes go -- I make it a point to pass down my worn out tennis shoes to those I wear when I mow, since they're still good, but not really good enough to wear anywhere but in the back yard, where the dogs like to play. :)

We still need to do lunch - I've not forgotten.

Danny Boy said...

Now, Andy... You know you are more than a pastor. Especially while you are still here in KC. Your a great friend and a great leader.

Anonymous said...

favorite joke ever...

How do you make a kleenex put a littl boogie in it! HA, HA!