Thursday, October 02, 2008

Maverick for President

Apparently now one of the criteria for president is being a maverick. But that is just begging the question, which maverick?

So please cast your vote to the right - and in the comment section below include the rationale behind it. Which maverick would make a better president?

a) Brett Maverick
b) Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell
c) A Ford Maverick
d) Dirk Nowitzki


kris said...

While I would prefer a lipstick-wearing Pit Bull, Pete Mitchell seems the obvious choice. Who else has been in an inverted dive with a MiG 28 while keeping up foreign relations? Does that qualify for foreign policy experience?

TN Rambler said...

I'm going to have to vote for Brett. Good poker face is needed in foreign relations.

Melissa said...

I would need to ask, considering the economy at the moment - what is the gas mileage of the Maverick?

Brad said...

are we flying away into the danger zone??

TN Rambler said...

having been the proud(?) owner of a 1970 Maverick in college, I can tell you that it isn't that great. In fact, I called mine Ethyl because she also needed Premium gas.

Martin said...

I have to vote for Dirk -- none of the others are "relevant" to me. Brett is too old for me to know about, Cruise/Maverick could only be a VP ("Never leave your wing man"), the Mustang car shown - again, too old - so that leaves Nowitzki.

steveh said...

Don't forget Brett's brother on the TV show - Bart Maverick. (I think)

Josh said...

Wait, Dirk is foreign born, so constitutionally he's out no matter how relevant he is.

The Ford apparently is a gas guzzler and besides a car can't lead -- unless the Knight Rider car KITT is a Ford Maverick ...

Let's face it, an old shool revolver won't get you very far. Neither will gambling. Brett's out.

That leaves Pete. Please remember the movie ends with Iceman saying to Maverick," You are still dangerous, but you can be my wing man any time."

The Maverick's response: " can be mine!!!"

Thus Maverick is the real Maverick!!