Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cursillo Weekend / Foster Kids

Tomorrow I'll be helping with a Cursillo weekend in Kansas City. It's always a wonderful experience, and I love how each weekend I've attended has been a little bit different. I would love to have your prayers for the weekend, especially since we just got two new foster kids this afternoon, and now I'm skipping town for three days leaving Erin to handle it.

So I'm hopeful that I'll be able to be fully present at the Cursillo, but I'm sure I'll be worried about what's going on at home the whole time. One thing that I definitely celebrate is that I do not have to worry about church, because the staff of Campbell is awesome and everything there is going to go perfectly well. And if it doesn't, they can handle it!

Thanks for all your prayers and good vibes sent our way!

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Anonymous said...


Erin will be fine, she is well seasoned in managing a household with multi personalities. The kids will be fine. You, on the other hand will worry anyway. So, I will pray that no monkey wrenches plop in the middle of Erin's household while you are away and that you find distractions at Cursillo, if you can't muster up some peace of mind.