Monday, February 02, 2009

Rarity - An Exciting Superbowl!

Most amazing catch - ever!

I was rooting for the Cardinals, and they did not disappoint. What a comeback! But what a Steelers drive, and what a catch!

What a game!

And by the way, the best commercial = the e-trade babies, without a doubt.


Kansas Bob said...

Great game Andy.. but not so great commercials.. not sure that I caugh them all though.

kris said...

I'll agree on the commercial, but have to go with David Tyree's catch last year.

Larry B said...

Yes, it was a great contest to watch this year. I was rooting for Arizona and thought they had it their for a minute.

My favorite commercial was the new diet pepsi product with the "I'm good" sequence.

Stephanie said...

My fave might have been when "MacGruber" finally meets his demise!