Monday, November 27, 2006

Ordination Papers: Stick a Fork In 'Em, They're Done!

See that enormous stack of paper?

Those two VHS video tapes?

That CD filled with my last couple of months' worth of sweat and toil?

That's the stuff I'll be turning in, God willing, tomorrow afternoon in Columbia at the Missouri Conference office as one of the final steps in the process toward being ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church. And, get this now - it will be there three days EARLY! That'll be a first for me, let me tell you!

What an enormous relief! It's just a huge weight lifted off my back to have this released. It was a great process, really. I haven't had the opportunity to reflect deeply on my theology since seminary, and I was actually grateful for the opportunity. But nonetheless, it is a joy to have it done and away.

Next step = interviews. But there's some time to pass before I have to get too stressed out about those. One step at a time!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Andy! You're in my prayers as you meet with the muckity-mucks (that's an official church title, by the way) in Columbia.

Anonymous said...

A hearty and happy congratulations to you!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Andy! It's an awesome knd of freedom to mail them off! I hope you can celebrate the achievement of jumping through this hoop!

TN Rambler said...

Congratulations Andy. Best wishes and prayers as you continue the journey.

Jason Woolever said...

Congrats Andy. I must say I've never heard of anyone getting them in 3 days early.

Joel Thomas said...

Way to go! Our materials were due February 7, (I hand-delivered mine on February 3) but since then the system has been changed and they are due much earlier. My interview/inquisition was March 31. Actually it was the probationary interview that felt like an inquisition.

I thought I might second guess my answers, but I pretty much just moved on to other endeavors.

Anonymous said...

I'm not tryin' to be a hater but VHS!?

1989 called and they wan their technology back.

hipchickmamma said...