Monday, November 27, 2006


Last week was extremely busy - two ecumenical Thanksgiving services at one of which my dad was the preacher, trying to cram a week's worth of church work into three days, two people hospitalized to visit, travel to Columbia, MO for Thanksgiving, then back to KC for the weekend worship services. Needless to say, blog time was limited at best.


What do you do with complainers? The people who will find something bad to say about just about anything that happens drive me absolutely bonkers! One of my axioms for ministry is "Everyone needs something about which to bitch," and that holds true. BUT the question still remains how to react when the complainers take the floor.
Currently, my philosophy is not to acknowledge their complaint at all unless they can make a well-reasoned and thoughtful argument in defense of their position. If they are just complaining, though, I basically just pretend they are my best friend in the world and smile an enormous smile and change the subject. Complainers are poisonous.
Maybe I should go to church here.


ALL ORDINATION PAPERWORK IS DUE THIS FRIDAY!!! I think I'm in good shape, actually, with just a few bits and pieces to clean up. Of course, the Board of Ordained Ministry has scheduled a Residents In Ministry meeting this week - Tuesday noon through Wednesday noon - that will necessitate our all driving to the conference office in Columbia and back also, basically knocking two complete days out of our week. Timing is everything! Just out of Thanksgiving, Advent starting up, ordination paperwork due, be an effective pastor in your appointment, and, o yeah, by the way, spend two days away at a required meeting right in the middle of all that.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you ... ;)


Kansas Bob said...

Hi Andy. Thought you might be interested in this discussion of ordination.

Anonymous said...

Complaining is something I accidently do very well. It is my intention to laugh more than complain in the next month thanks to your blogs. Take care of those amazing kids of yours. Hi to all the people you hang out with over there on your end of the rainbow I know. Thanks for the reminder that when I complain you are just pretending I am your best friend and smiling at me. I can see that smile from here. No car wrecks today, life is good. Princes Elae

Harry Chin - Rock Star said...

I heard something funny today. Church is like a swimming pool. Most of the noise comes from the shallow end. Hang in thar'.