Monday, November 13, 2006

Ordination Questions: A Few Suggestions?

In my quest for ordination, I have answered a whole lot of questions that were given to me by the Board of Ordained Ministry, some of which I have posted here. I still have a bunch to do, although it seems like I've been working on them forever.

The questions have covered all the doctrines of the church pretty much, but I have sometimes wondered, "Now why in the world are they asking me that?" as I have answered a question here and there. And on the flipside, I find myself formulating questions that they SHOULD be asking candidates for ordination, in my humble opinion.

Here are some that would be fun to answer for the board:

- What is the best way to be in ministry with a person for whom Christian Orthodoxy is a stumbling block in their relationship wth Christ?

- What's more important, making sure someone accepts Jesus as Lord or making sure someone has food in their belly and a warm place to sleep?

- List the top seventeen reasons to affirm the separation of church and state.

- Construct a theologically grounded argument to counter the assertion, "But we have never done it that way before."

- Pick a controversial social issue and write an essay arguing for the opposite of your own perspective on the issue.

- What will the Church look like fifty years from now?

At the very least, they would generate some productive conversations at the interview sessions.

How about you? Anyone reading this have any ideas for a question that everyone being ordained a pastor in the United Methodist Church ought to be asked? I know there are some Missouri BOOM members who check my blog out every now and then - what do you REALLY want to ask us? ; )


Anonymous said...

What is your dream church?
What do you think the church you will be entering will look like?

Kyle in KC said...

We tried that before and it did not work, what makes you think it will work now?

Vinny said...

How do you intend to maintain your spiritual, mental, and physical health as you serve in the ministry? Do you think you currently have any deficiencies in these areas?

Clayton said...

This borrows a little on Greg's above, but takes it in a slightly different direction.
1. Describe the ideal ministry setting in which all of your gifts and graces are fully utilized and appreciated.
2. Describe a ministry setting that is just the opposite, where your gifts and graces are constantly underutilized and underappreciated.

Clayton said...

Here's another questions that's a bit on the fun side.
If the only instrument you could have in worship was either a banjo, an accordion, or the bagpipes, which one would you choose and why?

DogBlogger said...

Clayton, that one's so easy. It's obviously banjo. Bagpipes drown out singing (I speak from experience...did you know there are "alleluias" in "Highland Cathedral"?); and the accordion, while bearing some resemblance to the piano and organ, simply makes it too tempting to turn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" into a polka.

The banjo, conversely, has the power to stir the soul. Anyone who has ever seen The Muppet Movie or Raising Arizona should be able to attest to that. (But that scene in Deliverance is still just creepy.)

Anonymous said...

What specific actions can be taken by a clergy person to make sure that he or she has time and energy for enjoying and nurturing his or her family? cb

Jess Holmes said...

Great post, and great questions to in the comments. To be ordained is to consider these and many other deep personal questions, I'm sure.