Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Bunny or the Fox - by Corneille M. Bryan

One day, long ago, there was a fight over who would be the Easter animal. The Bunny and Fox both wanted to be the Easter animal. All the animals agreed they will have a vote. Mayor Bear gave out a note:

Come to vote for the Easter animal! Meet at the pond tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day, all the animals that could come, came. First, Bunny gave his speech. He said “Easter is about Jesus and how he came alive again! It’s also about having a great time with friends and family!”

Then, it was time for Fox. He said “Easter is about getting candy, peeps and things from the Easter fox!”

All the animals voted. Mayor Bear said “I will put the winner in tomorrow’s paper!”

Who do you think won?

Bunny won!

There will now be an Easter Bunny! Bunny won by….well… all the animals voted for Bunny!


About the author: Cori is a third grade student and the author of several short stories and poems. Her completely unbiased dad raves, "One of the most promising up-and-comers in the literary world!"

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CARYL said...

Cori - Good job! Have you made any more power points lately? I really liked the ones you showed me. Nannie