Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Sixteen - For Whom to Root?

I LOVE College basketball. You can't beat March Madness if you're a sports fan. Everything else moves down a notch or two on the priority list, doesn't it? Officially, for the record, I have Florida picked to win it all over Texas A&M in the finals of the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament.
But "Who do you pick to win it all?" is a different question than "For whom are you rooting?" If their team is out of it (thank you, Mizzou), REAL fans root for the underdog, and so I'll be cheering for the lower seed in every game this weekend.

Should the lower seeds win, that would yield a final four of UNLV, Southerin Illinois, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee.
Then UNLV would beat Vanderbilt in the final. Now, that would be true MADNESS!
Go Rebs!
UPDATE (March 24): Crap.


CARYL said...

No, no, no, o son of mine! You must root for the Big-12 teams, no matter how it almost makes you throw up to cheer for the Jayhawks. cb

Will Deuel said...

Glad to see you rooting for the SIU Salukis, my alma mater (twice). My bachelor's degree (psych) and my first master's (rehabilitation counseling) are from SIU, and I do love my Dawgs!

Vinny said...

Even though my bracket is in shambles right now (I'm in last place in the Mid-Missouri UM contest), I don't share your optimism for the Big XII teams - I'm picking the Big East, with Pitt besting Georgetown for the championship.

Next year I'll remember to send you an invite to the UM Bracketology Competition.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kansas just won, but if it comes to Kansas and North Carolina, I must be for North Carolina, even if they are the rival of my favorite DUKE

gavin richardson said...

i'm rooting for kansas and memphis. i like ku, spent a few days there and have some good friends who are alumni there. memphis, i guess i could say the same thing.. it's not a nice as lawrence, but my uncle drives the bus for the b'ball team, so the farther they go the more fun he's having.

i picked, ku & osu & texas in my brackets to win..

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any clues who will win it now

Florida; Ohio; UCLA, or Georgetown?

I do not care now, but will have to go with Georgetown just for the heck of it.

SteveH said...

Go CHIEFS!!!!! (oops - wrong sports)

Adam Caldwell said...

Go Bucks!!! Them roots run deep.