Sunday, May 01, 2005

D@#% Democrats!

Hey, what's up? I read the paper yesterday morning, and I gotta ask ... Aren't you sick of those blasted obstructionist Democrats? Who do they think they are, refusing to affirm President Bush's nominees? Threatening to filibuster? What kind of a country do they think this is, free or something?
I mean, how dare they approve J. Michael Seabright to be a federal judge for the district of Hawaii by a margin of 98 - 0. 98? ... 98!?!? Where were those other two Senators? Probably out trying to obstruct somthing.
And what is up with appoving 95% of the people Bush has nominated? Only 95%?!? Come on, people. 95% is not even close to where we need to be. Let's aim high! Blast the fallacious filibuster! Ram onward to 100%!!!

Sigh ...

Seriously, though. My four-year-old son likes to race. "Let's race!" he will say. When it looks as though he is going to lose, though, he calls out, "It's not a race, okay?" even though it was his idea to race in the first place. He changes the rules of the game when it looks like he might lose. And let me repeat - he is four years old. Bush nominees lose 5% of the time; he is batting .950 for the season. And when one of those 5 times out of 100 that they lose happens, his team calls out, "Let's change the rules!" so that they will win, anyway.

D@#% Democrats.

If I don't laugh, I might cry,
Andy B.


Seamhead said...

Good stuff, Andy. The media doesn't like to tell you that 30 percent of Clinton's nominees never even had a hearing. That's not even close to the ole' .950 average.

Dave Wood said...

You know, the politicians do a very good job of playing the "you-did-it-first, no-you-did-it-first" game. Why do you guys want to play? Isn't that one of the biggest things wrong with politics today? Politicians acting like 4-year-olds? Who cares if it's a Democrat or Republican acting like their Mom won't let them have the Nominee Action Figure that they want? (you know they stock the toys on the lower shelves so the kids can find them and bug their parents to buy them. The bigger concern should be that our government can get a d@#% thing done in a timely manner. It's not a race. It's a process. One that ALL politicians are screwing up. Who's more to blame? The politicians for playing games, or us for letting them do it...and sometimes joining in?