Monday, November 21, 2005

You Know, Y'all May Be Right

Two things about my previous post about which I have had time to reflect with the help of my wife, mother, and assorted other commenters.

1) I should never have introduced the heavily weighted words "liberal" and "conservative" into the discussion. Truthfully, it was just kind of my introduction to the post, and wasn't the primary theme. I should have just started by saying, "I don't get it." And then just told the story.

2) I need to be sensitive about blogging too personally when it comes to members of my remarkable congregation. I was really just trying to convey my utter beffudlement, not to pass any kind of judgement. Though I take full credit for the emotions and opinions expressed in this blog as my own personal feelings and thoughts, I also know that I must take care.

So I am sorry that I did not heed my own advice and avoid the nasty labels I used, and I am sorry if anyone is in any way offended by my befuddlement. I love the bazaar ladies! They are fantastic women, faithful disciples of Jesus, pillars of the church, and so forth. I wrote that post in a fit of frustration, and it usually doesn't work out so pretty good when I do that. My fault, everyone! Can I get a little grace?


Ashley said...

This is some good reflection here... I was a little worried that you went off the deep end with the last blog.

Shane Raynor said...

As someone who has experience firing off caustic blog posts in the heat of the moment, I'd have a hard time not offering grace to you. Besides, I didn't think your post was over the top. Daring maybe, but not over the top. Thanks for the apology, though. It shows humility and maturity.

Adam Caldwell said...

No offense taken. Alls well that ends well. Hey, this is why we choose this form of communication right. Sometimes it's easier to works things out when you have a chance to reflect, leave it be, and then come back and reflect once more. It's very theraputic I think.

Non fat moca frappacino anyone?

Tim Sisk said...

Andy B., if it wasn't clear that I didn't identify with your frustration, please know that I do. Any pastor can empathize with the ways that our congregations can be challenging.

And I didn't mean to rag on you about the who con/lib thing, I just didn't get how that connected to your excellent point about control issues in the church. Honestly, I figured there wasn't something behind the scenes (like the commentary purchase for the library) that I was ex parte.

And also my questions about church issues appearing on your blog, mainly I was just "wondering". I have personally resisted saying too much about local church issues on my blog: my blog is eponymous and I identify the church I pastor. I can't talk about my church anonymously. Perhaps I worry about airing "dirty laundry" (though honestly, my church really is a great church to pastor and be a part of) in public. Perhaps I worry about privacy issues (not in the strict sense, it is just the internet is a very public place).

My questions were very much meant to be reflective and to hear from you on these issues to inform me.

Any way, my apologies if I came across as a scold, if I had problems with you I wouldn't read your blog or take time to comment on it.

I still love the banners.

EyeRytStuf said...

I grant thee grace. For whatever my grace is worth.

I think you should keep all your feelings bottled up and never express them. Push the bad feelings way down inside you until they are past your knees, then inside your feet, until they burst out the bottom of your feet like that huge electrical current that nearly killed my older brother 15 years ago.

Or not. Whatever. Your choice. :-)

Randy said...


Yeah, you've got grace, man. I had a blog about three months ago that got me into a lot of trouble. I ranted about my frustrations with some people in my church. I even went so far as to suggest that someone kiss my ass (the cowboy in me came out).

Well, a member of the church sent out an email with a link to the post, and even photocopied it and distributed it at church, and before I knew it I had to meet with my PPRC and my D.S. Not a good experience.

I won't make that mistake again. My current blog deals my own spiritual journey. I may deal with some ugly stuff, but I won't involve my church members.