Friday, January 13, 2006

Thinking Like a Diamond

Vinny commented on my last post: "Man, get beyond this one-dimensional thinking." I'm not completely sure if he was commenting to me or one of the commentors, since he used the salutation "Man," which I assume is a generic "Hey you," and could referred to anyone. Nonetheless, in responding to his remark, I would like to just say "Amen" and I hope no one interprets my own thinking as one-dimensional.
Phil Wogaman talks about the metaphor of a diamond cut into multiple facets. Every facet of the diamond allows us to get a glimpse of the center of the jewel, but from a different angle and with a different resultant sparkle. The "truth" is the center of the diamond; our individual perspectives are the facets.
I like it! I've got my facet, you have yours. Now let's talk about our facets and how they illuminate the truth for us, with the faith that, at the core, it is the same truth that is being illuminated.


jagua piru said...

That's a beautiful metaphor, Andy. But I'm gonna call you on it. In a response-to-a-response after your most recent (and wonderful) post about the MLK article, you said:

"Ultimately, the social justice jar is empty if it is not first filled with Christ."

That sounds a bit unilateral and doesn't leave a lot of room for other people's facets to illuminate.

My facet says that the social justice jar is empty if not filled with a feeling that we are connected by our humanity, not by a religious truth or belief.

I'm not very well spoken (written) at this moment, but does that make sense?

Andy B. said...

Dear Jagua,
That wasn't me. It was Adam Caldwell.
:) Andy B.

Vinny said...

Actually, I was referring to anyone who looks at political or religious positions as a linear concept. So I guess it's "man" as in the way the Lord God talks to Ezekiel, as in "humankind". Or something like that.

So, anyway, I think the Wogaman metaphor works up until a point (as do all metaphors) - is there a way to objectively measure whether or not the central truth is still being reflected? In other words, at what point does a particular facet no longer reflect the core truth, and then how do we relate to that reflection?

It seems we get back to the position that Wogaman wanted to avoid - we circumscribe the truth and put limits on how that truth can be reflected.

Adam Caldwell said...


Yes...there is much difference between Andy and I. Me...still cool (i.e., long hair) Andy...not so cool (i.e., gave into "The Man" by cutting his hair after graduation of Seminary) I'm not bitter about that though!?

Moving on. Admittedly, I don't do well with metaphors. But I will try to stay within the bounds of the diamond. Unabashedly so for me the light in the diamond is Christ. I think the point I was trying to make was that even if, by the grace of God, we were able to create a utopia here on this earth. A place where life was completely equal in every since of the word...people would still be unhappy. They would still have a deep longing to know there creator. No, I don't believe that we can ultimately understand who Jesus is. (at least in this life) One can not define truth when truth is a being. So that leads me to believe that Christ is experienced in many different ways. I will never be able to experience him in all of them. It sounds trite but all I know is what I know.

'Connected by our humanity' sounds nice, but I want to look at the reason and the one who makes that connection happen.

I suppose we all have our motivations and as Paul says about gentiles who don't know the laws "They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts." It is God's place to know someone’s heart. All I know is that I am to "go and make disciples." I am to do this in Christ's name.

Andy B. said...

At least, if I chose, I could still grow my hair long at some point. This is what distinguishes me from, for example, my brother Brad. ;)
- AB