Friday, July 14, 2006

Laughing Out Loud

I know this one is old and you have probably seen it before, but I laugh out loud every time, so I'm sharing it. I love you, mom!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious! I don't have a brother, just a lovely sister instead. A couple of questions though:

What happened to the Coke can the brother brought with him and placed on the counter?

The fact that you have a brother, which of the two in the video represents you and would your brother agree?

Thanks for the laugh!

Dark Gable

Andy B. said...

Dear Dark,
Yes, in fact my whole family concurs as to which brother is which... I'll leave it there.
- AB

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the happy mother's day message be translated to our expectations for Christian worship? As in let's take a picture of faithful praise? Peace, JB