Monday, August 21, 2006

At Last, a Worthwhile Poll

John has a fanTAStic poll going on right now over at Locusts and Honey. I encourage you all to participate. Click here.


Kyle C said...

I could not decide how to vote, however I am willing to take a bribe.

gavin richardson said...

totally hot.. in that manly sort of way.

Brad said...

I refuse to even think about the hotness of my female relatives, let alone my own brother! That's just gross, man.


EyeRytStuf said...

I'm of the personality type that I'd have to vote "hot" just because I can imagine how I'd feel if anyone said "not".

Okay, not "imagine" and "I'd feel if anyone" as much as "remember" and "I felt last time someone".

What do you win if you're hot?

David said...

*** swoon ***

; )

Anonymous said...

AB no T!

Are you kidding me? Hot... oh so hot!

A :)

Donna said...

Okay, so I voted "hot," and meant it. And I'm sure you can appreciate the objectivity behind that vote.