Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Barmen, 2006

It seems like it might be a good time to read this again.

Update: related articles.


Larry B said...

Ok, I'll give - I'm not sure what you meant to get across from this post. I don't fully understand what was written in the Barmen link - the language structure is a bit hard to get through.

Just as a side note, the related articles you linked appear to be related somewhat to the content of Bush's recent speeches. It's funny how the media now decries the use of "hyperbolic" allegories to world war and hitler etc, yet numerous times the same media publishes the same allegories when criticizing Bush.

For a quick synopsis on some of these
Neither side could ever be thought of as being without blame and neither side can claim the moral high ground.

So maybe that's what Barmen is saying? Let's just stick to the gospel truths and leave the rest aside?

Andy B. said...

I'm kind of mulling it over still. All this talk recently about Nazis, Hitler, appeasement, etc. has me mulling. I am working on a follow-up post.