Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pope Coat

When the Pope landed in Turkey, he was wearing a super-fly white coat. (I am SO putting it on my Christmas list.) However, Shawn noticed he was wearing no cross, at least not apparent to the casual observer. Question is - why?

Maybe he didn’t want to look overtly Christian, thinking he might offend (or offend again, perhaps) the Muslims in Turkey?

Maybe he has a travel outfit that is more scaled down and doesn’t include all the Pope paraphernalia?

Maybe he left his cross in the overhead bin by mistake?

Maybe the cross set off the airport security alarm and they made him take it off?

Later he had the full outfit on, but when he first landed he definitely had a kind of different look about him. Here in the lobby of Drury Inn in Columbia, a few of us attending the Residents in Ministry meeting have been speculating about the theological implications of the Pope’s wardrobe.

What do y’all think?


Vinny said...

He hocked the cross to buy the coat and a new million-dollar miter.

Anonymous said...

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much love

Brad said...

You all have been filling out papers for far too long. It doesn't mean anything!!

Peace and Good Luck, B

Kansas Bob said...

Maybe the pope has been getting wardrobe tips from Benny Hinn :)

Larry B said...

Ok maybe I shouldn't go here, but oh well..

I think it has 'Godfather' overtones and he's maybe out to "make them an offer they can't refuse"