Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kansas City Shooting - A Prayer

Living God,
Another one?

Grant them eternal rest
and let perpetual light shine upon them,


It was close to home this time, Lord.
The guy was twenty minutes from my children.
We don't normally shop at that mall,
but we shop.
Some days I feel like just locking the doors
and sitting in our house together, where it's safe.

But we go to school. We go to work. We live.

God, thank you for the training and skills
of the police officers who risk their lives
every day to keep us safe
in the out an about of our daily lives.

I don't understand things sometimes ... well, most of the time, actually.

It is not so much the understanding, but the peace of mind that I desire.

So, if it might be possible,
is there some way I could
feel that peace of mind,
even if I don't understand?

Forgive us, O Lord, for our manifold sins and wickedness which we from time to time most grievously have committed, by thought, word, and deed, against your divine majesty.
Have mercy upon us, have mercy upon us, most merciful God.

In your holy name, Amen.


Patrick Moore said...

I am so self-centered and self-focused that these tragedies just make me angry. Angry not at the injustice, but at my inability to articulate a response. My wounded ego "thinks" that folks need me to give an answer. I just want to hide.

gavin richardson said...

i think i'd echo that mans sister. i wish there was something more done for him. i wonder as i read this and the dust settling in blacksburg, do we need to look at our mental health systems and intake?

Art said...


Kansas Bob said...


Brad said...

Bro-I DO shop at that mall! McCalaster's is my favorite baked-potato-based restaurants. I was there Friday night! Yes, a little close to home.

Amen, and Amen. B

Anonymous said...

Emil said:


And way too close to home. My sister teaches at VT (she's OK but shaken) and my son lives near that mall so we go there too. My daughter had decided the whole family needs to go into the storm cellar and close the door.

Andy B. said...

My brother, my sister, my nephew, a bunch of good friends - all of these were much closer than I was to the site. All are in my prayers.

Patrick - Where the heck are you?

Steveh said...

My sweety and I had lunch not far from there. Afterwards, she needed a garden tool and I thought about that Target being close. We ended up going somewhere else though. If we had, it would have been right when the shootings occurred. There, but by the Grace of God, go I...

CARYL said...

I'm not sure we should pray for peace of mind. Not until our peace of mind is disturbed will we really get to work on making things better in this world. If we get too comfortable, we tend to forget all the mess that is around us. cb