Thursday, January 31, 2008

Julius In the News - More On Kenya

This link (click here) has a video story featuring Julius and Sarah.

Julius is on his way to Kenya to bury his brother and care for his family. Please pray for his safety and for Sarah's peace of mind. And while you're at it, throw in a couple for an end to this craziness.

This picture, which was in the Kansas City Star this week, is of Julius holding a picture of himself and his brother.

Soulfari Kenya's blog is a place you might go to hear about ways you can help.

The United Methodist Church is there, too. Click here to read about our denomination's response and here is another little blurb. I am interested in the sentence that indicates some church compounds have become safe havens in the voilence. I wish I knew more about that.

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Soulfari Kenya Administrator said...

Hello to all our new friends at FUMCNKC. I believe it was a divine appointment that we came to visit your community just recently. We feel so loved by you all, and so uplifted by your prayers during this difficult time. As you have heard from Edna and Andy, our family has been struck with great tragedy and therefore, we have had a really, really rough week. Julius left for Kenya on Wednesday and since he arrived he has been making burial and funeral arrangements, arranging security for his family, looking for an apartment for his family, and meeting with lawyers. Julius is a strong leader in his family. I am so proud of him. I won't deny that it terrifies me that he is there in that situation, but I have faith that God will protect him. Please pray for his safety, and also for arrangements to go as efficiently as possible, so he can come home to me and this precious baby growing inside of me. Andy, thank you especially for your love and support. You are a phenomenal man. -Sarah Were