Monday, April 21, 2008

Get Service

This pretty much speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...


Interesting clip. Two points...
Could/would of been better if the subject took time to look at himself in the mirror to truly see what he needed. Too often we fixate, opine, ridicule, even assist or come to the aid, etc with someone else's pain and ignore our very own.
Secondly, the glasses revealed the crosses each subject was carrying; but our crosses do not necessarily define who or what we are.


Andy B. said...

Joseph, Yes! I thought exactly the same thing! I was waiting for the last scene in the driveway, I thought he was going to look at his reflection in the car window. Then the viewer wouldn't necessarily see what the guy's own issue was, but he would see it and there would be a zoom in on his eyes and it would fade out ... it woulda been beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So did I miss the whole point of the "Get Service" label on the glasses case??

Adam said...

So if our crosses don't necessarily define who are what we are, what does?

Thanks for putting this up Andy, I had heard about it from some folks at church. Amazing how stuff gets around huh?