Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Training Optimism

Somebody stop me. I'm starting to get an optimimstic feeling in my heart about the Kansas City Royals. I'm starting to get that "every year at this time because it's spring training and anything is possible" feeling. Can it be? From whence comes my hope?
Mike Jacobs, Coco Crisp added to the lineup.
A solid rotation of Meche, Greinke, Bannister, Hochevar, and Davies - not spectacular but strong.
Joakim Soria shutting them down from the bullpen.
I can't help but think Alex Gordon and Billy Butler are going to be better this year with a season more experience behind them.
That adds up to this nagging sense of hope that I just can't seem to shake! Am I setting myself up for a fall? Is this bubble going to be burst at some point over the next six months? I've been a fan so long, I've come to expect disappointment, so as not to be disappointed by it when it comes.
But maybe this year ...
I can't even finish that sentence!!!
Go Royals!


BruceA said...

I think they have their best chance in years. Eliminate the 12-game losing streak from the middle of last year, and they had a .500 record. And, as you note, the team has made some improvements over the winter. The Royals could be competitive this year.

Kansas Bob said...

Go Royals!

Patrick Moore said...

If middle relief pitching can come through, we have a great shot at a great year. Look for Teahen to get his pop back as well and hopefully playing second base. I am born again each Spring cheering for the Royals.

Stephanie said...

I love me some Royals! My husband and I used to say...if we could just end the game before the seventh inning, we'd win every game. However, Soria was amazing last year. I agree with you, Andy. This will be the year!

Anonymous said...

Better make sure you leaves these comments to your blog, 'cause you're in Cardinal country now. And I don't just mean the AA team, I'm talking about the big boys, you know the ones who have 9 rings?

I think you should have a baseball Sunday, where we all wear baseball related clothing and we'll see how many true Royals fans there actually are.

CUMC Sports Committee

Andy B. said...

Dear CUMC Sports Committee,
I am comfortable in my minority role! After all, we've got 1985 to remember... :)
(Man, that was a long time ago!)

Anonymous said...

This is so painful to watch you go through this. -- Erin

thefinerev said...

hLet me place a little pain in our shared optimism. Bloomqist, Farnsworth paid more than he's worth, Olivo resigned, OLIVO!!! (in a Colbert voice over, and Ramirez in the rotation can you say TOMKO?, G-Load is still there, there is still a chance, Pena Jr. might make the team, hopefully as a bat boy, though that is still to close to a bat for me. All in all, I think they are better and I hope it all shakes out, but its going to take a lot of shaking