Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Psalm:




is happening here?


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Kory Wilcox said...

So, I actually happen to be in the middle (well, towards the end really) of one noteworthy book by our dear friend Clive, and thought this quote I read last night was fit for your "ZEAL" post. If only I had read it a day earlier.

"The creatures are always accusing one another of wanting 'to eat the cake and have it'; but thanks to our labours they are more often in the predicament of paying for the cake and not eating it." ~Screwtape

sparklesax said...

Bible spews into confetti and at first some thought it was a as theater...reality sucks.

Anonymous said...

From the psychiatric point - people are more manic at this time of the year, we see a huge increase in crisis patients. Increased depression, psychosis, mania. At the same time, we are less able and/or willing to treat people with these symptoms. Our hospitals are inadequate, our police officers lack necessary training and our community lacks the funds, man power and ability to address these issues. If you read the blog on KY3 (I think) the father of the man that just killed his wife and baby stated he had tried several times to get help for his son. A son that he considered DANGEROUS. ZEAL for MENTAL HEALTH before anyone else gets hurt. My question is how do you heal something soooo broken? I guess first you have to want to. Maybe if we were less zealous about watching Family Guy...(seriously there are better cartoons)