Monday, March 14, 2011

The Jesus Interruption - Day 5

Lent 2011 - The Jesus Interruption
Each week of this season, we will be entering into the experience of an individual whose life was interrupted by an encounter with Jesus. This week - Nicodemus (John 2:23-3:17)

There were many people who "believed in his name" because of the signs they saw Jesus do. But Jesus did not "entrust himself to them."

The word translated as "believed" is the same word that is translated "entrust." Tricky bit of reflection to do there. The people beleived in Jesus, but he didn't reciprocate? Does "entrust himself" mean "allow himself to be believed in?" As in, "I believe in you, Jesus!"

"Oh no you don't!" he replies, snapping his fingers in a Z.

The people who believed in him believed because of the miraculous things they had seen him do. But there's another tricky bit of reflection to do here. See, the only things he had done by this point in John's Gospel are call some disciples, change a little water into wine, and drive some livestock out of the Temple. Maybe there were some other things, other signs not recorded by John.

Maybe it's to get us thinking about why we believe ... or the difference between just believing and really having a relationship with Jesus ... or maybe it's to help us move from believing to living.

I believe in Jesus. Is it because of signs? Miracles? Stuff I have seen?

Or is it because of relationship? Love? Connections I have known?

What does it mean to believe at all? Is it to be impressed by power? Or to accept as true a certain set of teachings? Is it to have confidence in someone or something?

It's the kind of stuff that would make a person want to go to Jesus by night and ask a few questions...

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