Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars 7 - My Theory (SPOILERS)

I have to write this out of my head. Don’t read on if you do not want to read “Star Wars 7, The Force Awakens” spoilers.  

Also, don’t read on if you really don’t care all that much. Like I said, I’m writing to get this out of my brain and onto a page somewhere. I’ve been theorizing with my brother Brad and my son Wesley, and I now just have to write it down, for no other reason than I’m a nerd.

Read it, or don’t. There is no try.

So … (last chance to stop, definite spoilers ahead) …

Luke was calling Rey. This is the core of my theory. And Luke’s call awakened the force within Rey, and ultimately brought them together. This is what the movie is about, as the first line of the crawl indicates: "Luke Skywalker has vanished." (Almost as good an opening line as "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed." Almost.)

Luke disappeared when Ben Solo turned to the dark side, right? I think, before he disappeared, Luke actually programmed R2-D2 to go into “sleep mode” until a certain time, the time at which Luke was ready to be found. That time was the arrival of Rey, whose presence was sensed by R2, who subsequently woke up and shared the rest of the map.

In my theory, Rey is most likely Han and Leia’s daughter, or maybe Obi-Wan’s. I haven’t 100% decided yet. But there is definitely a connection. The larger point is - Luke knows her, and has for her whole life. Luke is to Rey as Obi-Wan was to Luke, watching over her on Jakku.

And so when he is ready, he calls for her, and that call is “overheard” by Kylo Ren, who has seen Luke’s island also, as he says in the interrogation scene. Kylo Ren misunderstands this call, though, and thinks that killing Han will quiet it.

Rey hears the call and it allows her to access the force with unprecedented ease. She is closely bonded with Luke’s lightsaber (which she pulls out of the snow just like Luke did in Empire Strikes Back), and through that connection experiences her vision. I think this vision reveals a lot to Rey, even more than it does to the audience.

In fact it is Obi-Wan’s voice in that vision that gives evidence that he might be her father. I have to confess that I did not notice his voice until after watching the movie and reading an article that said he was in there. But that really isn’t a strong enough tie, I don’t think. That’s why I lean toward Han and Leia as Rey’s parents.

To that point, I noticed that when Rey arrives at the resistance base after Han’s death, she is embraced by Leia. Leia passes right by Chewbacca, with whom she has obviously shared a lot and has a strong emotional tie, and goes directly to Rey to embrace her. This makes me think that Rey is Han and Leia’s kid. Maybe even a twin sister to Ben.

In addition, there is a real connection between Han and Rey. They have great chemistry flying the Falcon, and Han Solo offers her a job. Is there anyone else he would trust enough to work with? What if the Millennium Falcon wasn’t actually stolen, but rather placed on Jakku with a purpose?

So if Rey is Han and Leia’s kid, that would make Luke her uncle, and a pretty strong connection. And I would love for Rey and Kylo Ren to be sister and brother – paralleling the father and son relationship of the first trilogy – and for the plot of the final movie to turn around Rey’s attempt to redeem Kylo Ren.

That’s my theory for today, anyway. Like I said I’m mainly writing this just as a way to think about it, see the words on a page. Star Wars people who have read this far – what do you think?


ndrwcn said...

Feasible. And it explains the R2-D2 awakening, which otherwise is just a bit too convenient.

I do hope that the next two break from the mold a bit more. Yoda/Luke trains Luke/Rey,"I am not afraid, you should be" and she goes off to face her family member.

It is a great Star Wars movie. Am I asking too much of it to develop the franchise a bit, or was this level of love-letter to New Hope necessary to atone for the prequal series?

Brent B. said...

I both love and hate that we won't be able to get the answers to these questions until at least May 2017. I agree that Rey has to be connected somehow, the Star Wars movies have always been about the Skywalker family so more than likely she is either Leia's daughter or Luke's. I don't think she can be Obi-Wan's daughter because she isn't old enough, Ep. 8 takes place 30 to 35 years after Ep. 4 when Obi-Wan died, so I don't think that's a possibility (Rey is probably about 25 years old or less). I also don't think she can be Han and Leia's daughter unless they both have the best poker faces in the galaxy, neither one of them seem to show any hint that they might know who she is.

I think the most likely scenario is that she is the daughter of Luke, I she has to be a Skywalker and Luke having a daughter he doesn't know about seems more likely than Han and Leia having a daughter about her age that they lost and no one seems to think to mention it when she shows up in the Millennium Falcon, I think that would be too big of a plot hole to overcome. I think its possible that, whoever Rey's mother was, she hid Rey from Luke (maybe Rey's mother and Luke had a falling out and she didn't want her to be trained as a Jedi or raised with Luke's influence).

Whatever the back-story, I'm excited to find out what it is. Or maybe we won't ever get the answers and J.J. will pull a Lost on us and we'll find out that actually they all died at the end of Episode 4 and the rest was all some sort of Galactic Purgatory :-)

ndrwcn said...

I agree with Brent - it almost has to be Luke's daughter that was hidden by a mother.

This does become somewhat problematic, since we saw in the prequels, cursed be their name, that Anakin has to have a secret marriage to Padma (sp?), and so for Luke to have become entangled, with a woman and for it to be bad enough that the resulting child is hidden from him does make it harder for him to be the Yoda figure.

It would be almost too much to end the second film with a big reveal of who she is, as she loses an appendage. I hope the background is given quickly at the beginning of the next movie.

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