Saturday, June 25, 2005

Vacation Time

Well, the family vacation begins Sunday. We are headed south, to visit Mickey Mouse down in Florida. I gotta say, Not my first choice for summer vacation, but with a seven year old girl and a four year old boy, it seems that it may be inevitable. For some reason I couldn't convince them that pitching a tent in the middle of a Canadian forest right next to a crystal blue mountain stream would be as fun as standing in line in the heat for hours on end to ride a roller coaster ride that lasts two minutes and makes you puke.
No, actually I'm kind of looking forward to it. We will have fun, no matter where we are. Because the point of the family vacation is to commune with your family, to have fun just being together. And we can do that anywhere, even at Disney World.
I am completely in love with my family! I am so happy to be going away with them, out on the open road, that I honestly don't care where we go, as long as we are together. Sounds cheesy, yes? I know. But nonetheless, there it is.
Off to see the Wizard,
Andy B.

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Jennifer V. said...

Hi Andy

You are off to see the Mouse not the Wizard. Wish we had known you were coming down we could have helped you out since Bob works for the mouse. Hope you had a great week in all this rain. Jennifer Verzella