Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry is Here

It has arrived. sent it in a little box that has a picture of an owl delivering a letter, the title "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in the now-so-familiar font, "Year 7" on one side, and four red bars that contain the admonition: "ATTENTION MUGGLES - DO NOT DELIVER OR OPEN BEFORE JULY 21!"
Oo, this is so exciting I can hardly stand it!


Anonymous said...

How many pages have you read by now?????

Daughter picked hers up at Barnes and Noble after having an all night Youth Lock in for the youth of the church was is at this summer.

Slept some but had read 300 pages when she did start to read yesterday afternoon

She would have stayed up all night but had to be at her church by 8 a.m. this morning

Anonymous said...

We got our copy Saturday evening. We were quite smug about being able to hold out for 20 hours. Steve also got a new laptop today (his birthday present from the entire family) and he is really torn between reading the book or playing with his new toy. Ahhh, sweet irony!

steveh said...

I've never watch more than 15 minutes of a H.P. movie and have not read 1 page from any of the books. Am I deprived or smart or efficient or lost out? I don’t know (nor do I care).

Anonymous said...

I tried reading one of the books and I gotta say, I just don't get it! I got bored and quit after a chapter or two. I really don't understand the appeal. cb