Wednesday, February 20, 2008

123 Book Tag

I saw this on Will Deuel's blog.

Here are the rules:

1 - Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (Just grab one, no cheating!)
2 - Find Page 123.
3 - Find the first 5 sentences.
4 - Post the next 3 sentences.
5 - Tag 5 people, who will post theirs in the comment section.

Here is mine:

“One might suggest that the Star Wars movies are designed for children, and that portraying the notion that war is hell would be too gruesome and emotionally distrubing for a young age group. But this defense fails for the simple reason that, unless it is shown to be morally questionable (and that, presumably, is something most children could relate to on some level), violence is rendered part of the everyday, ‘natural’ fabric of existence - at the very least, not a bad thing, and, at most, the (only) path to redemption.”

(I’m only including two sentences because there are so many dependent clauses involved! So complicated!)

And so I am TAGGING:
1 - Brad
2 - Adam
3 - Justin (welcome to the blogosphere, JZ)
4 - Erika
5 - Anyone else who wants to!


Anonymous said...

Alright (from "An Emergent Manifesto of Hope" ed. by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones):

"Being part of a denomination that has significant historical roots gives one the sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself. When people realize thier faith in God is much more than just a personal, individual decision, that they belong to a great 'cloud of witnesses' of those who have gone before them, their vision of the church is both deepend and enlarged. The church, as she finds herself in new and uncharted waters, needs to be able to adapt to different contexts, to continually reform."

Wow. Even though that was totally random, it's pretty right on the mark.


Kylenkc said...

That afternoon I also squeezed in an appearance at events sponsored by my alma maters, Wellsley College and Yale Law School. On the way back from the Mayflower Hotel, my car got stuck in gridlock of inaugural crowds and out-of-state vehicles on Pennsylvania Avenue, within sight of Blair House. Iwas so late and frustrated that I jumped out and took off running through the traffic.

Mama Edna said...

And here old Thomas died. It is an eerie feeling thinking of the bones that are buried just beneath my feet, a corpse who braved the harsh Atlantic and later walked the long trails through the mountains to just this spot, and whose blood still courses in my veins. And old Thomas Lackey is not alone.

RevErikaG said...

From "The New Chrstians" by Tony Jones:
"The hand gropes for an invisible lever; it waves slightly, and the fingers twitch. The hand is connected--by an arm that needs to be propped up by the other arm after fifteen minutes-- to a body that leans forward in its chair. Atop that body is a Brain full of Bible trivia and minutiae."

Though it does not ask for it...I want to share the next few sentences to help contextualize this:
"That Brain is most often connected to a mouth,, and the mouth longs to speak.
When I point to the hand, the Brain unlooses the tongue. 'Earlier you referred to a woman pastor that you work with. Isn't the Bible clear that women are not meant to be pastors?'"

steveh said...

From Revised U.S. Army Regulations 1861, Article XXXVII Troops on Board of Transports.
875 In harbor, where there is no danger from sharks, the men may bathe; but not more than ten at a time, and attended by a boat.
876 In fitting up a vessel for the transportation of horses, care is to be taken that the requisite arrangements are made for conveniently feeding and cleaning them, and to secure them from injury in rough weather by ropes attached to breast-straps and breeching, or by other suitable means; and especially by proper ventilation is provided by openings in the upper deck, wind-sails, &c. The ventilation of steamers may be assisted by using the engine for that purpose.
(bet you didn’t expect that!)

Jeremy V. said...

Geez Andy, this is kinda is my contribution.

I dug a grave in the woods on my property. As I was throwing shovelfuls of dirt on the Superchuck, I had a momentary scare-I thought he twitched, and I panicked; Oh, no, now what do I do?

From "The $64 Tomato"
Peace, Jeremy

Anonymous said...

"In the precedent and practice of the New Testament, the images are clear and the examples plentiful. We know that women took large and active parts in the work and woship of the Pauline church. Saint Paul’s first convert in Europe, we discover in Acts 16, is a woman, and a professional busineeswoman at that, Lydia.”

Peter J. Gomes

“The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind”

The intern formally known as JZ.

Kara said...

I found your blog link on my friend Adam Mustoe's blog...

"Speaking of minds, you're out of yours." Unfortunstely he beleived what he was saying, which in Eden's opinion made him even more dangerous, "I thought this place might be a hotel."