Thursday, May 22, 2008

Preaching Thoughts

The Real Live Preacher, Gordon Atkinson, writes that "The discipline of Sunday night is forgetting."
It is on Sunday nights that my mind turns inward and I ask myself, "What have I done with my life? Is this a good and worthy way to spend a life? Does preaching really do anything? Does it help people engage the scriptures, or is it just a little show on Sunday mornings so we can all pretend we still care about being connected to these ancient writings?"

Take a moment and check out his essay, it is really good (as usual).


Brother Marty said...

What Inspiring thoughts from one who wrestles with what all preaches wrestle with. I appreciate the frankness, and "kindred spirit" that it evokes among all who preach the scriptures.

Very good post....thank you!

your padawan said...

"You have to be at peace with the changing faces, for all churches exist in a kind of flux. You must love people intensely and let them go immediately. This will wound you, but it is not a wound unto death. At least I hope not."

Interesting stuff...