Friday, September 05, 2008

Pulpit Pounders - 2008 Lineup

I've writte such frivolous, silly posts lately, I thought I would do something a little more serious. Here's the lineup for my 2008 Fantasy Football team - the Pulpit Pounders.

Quarterback - Peyton Manning

Running backs - Marion Barber and Darren McFadden

Wide receivers - Marques Colston, Marvin Harrison, Anquan Boldin

Tight end - Donald Lee

Defense / Special Team - Philadelphia Eagles

Kicker - Adam Vinatieri

With this line-up, I see nothing other than complete domination all season long. Let the pounding begin.


Brad said...

I got LT.......AGAIN!!

Larry B said...

That's quite the lineup - were the rest of the competitors in your leauge asleep during the draft?

With all the colts on your ff team, you'll soon be a closet colts fan !!

Anonymous said...

it must be nice to be the commissioner of a fantasy league who just happens to get some of the best players on the block for his team...looks too convenient for me...of course I'm only saying that because I got bupkiss for a lineup this season.

and brad's only excited that he got lt again this year so he can play him on his bye weeks. lol.


Nancy said...

Yeah for the Colts! I knew you liked them all along...

Josh said...

Tell me, Mr. Bryan, did your pulpit pounders beat my Going On to Perfectionist? Donovan McNabb, Willie Parker, T.O. ... I do believe your team name says it all. You will take a pounding!