Monday, September 29, 2008

Reporter Column

If anybody happens to read the paper version of my latest post that the United Methodist Reporter has reprinted and notices that it begins with a reference to something that happened "last Sunday," rest assured that it did not. It actually happened months ago, in June, and I posted about it then.

I emailed Amy at the Reporter about it, and she changed the online version to "recently" so that's cool, thank you Amy. But the print version is out there, and I just don't want anybody thinking something happened yesterday at church and they missed it!

Update - The Dallas Morning News website has linked to the online version of this UM Reporter column that started out as this blog post. And the dish ran away with the spoon.


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Brad said...

Shameless indeed..

Anonymous said...

Andy - I read your column in the Reporer and could certainly identify with your experience. Peopl have all sorts of things going on in their lives past and present and I think clergy are their dumping ground. I have had similar experiences and it really shakes you.

When people confront you like that, on Sunday, in front of others they want you to feel it, they want you to hurt and they want to humiliate you for whatever reason. They have no sense of manners of proper conduct at all.

I think the world is a more violent place and that is taken in to the church as well. Pastors are treated in all sorts of ways these days with no shame as to the abuse by the members at all. I have been called names, called out on Sunday like you and even the person began to solicit others to agree with her, and chewed out. I began to wonder what is going on with these people. I would never think of attacking my pastor like that.

I recently posted an artice in my church newsletter to KEEP THE SABBATH HOLY and pls talk to the pastor about concerns in the week and not jump them on Sunday. You still have to remind them or it is open season on you.

Thanks for being honest.

larryepke said...

Hey, it might be a way to increase attendance!